There are many ways to monetize the work we have been discussing.  For example, advertising is a typical avenue for a revenue stream.  However, it does not have a high likelihood of being substantial in most cases.  Instead, offer a product or service to generate real revenue quickly.  The problem is that finding work is easier said than done.  Never fear, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Finding Work on the Internet

The Internet is an excellent resource for finding work.  The best place to start is work sites like Guru and Upwork.  These sites are built to connect job seekers and job providers.  However, they do require some effort and patience to find a good project for your skill set.  These sites often have small to medium size projects that can be done in days or a few weeks.  The requirements for these projects are small and well-defined in many cases as well.  Thus, you can look for needs that you can address without fear of learning new technologies.

That being said, there is an art of sorts to crafting a bid and finding the right projects.  The competition can be substantial for the lower-end and everyday technologies.  However, most of these sites have enough options out there for you to find some that are a perfect match for your particular skill set.  Better yet, these side hustle jobs are an excellent opportunity to learn new skills or build experience.

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