Before you begin, you need to install a Java SDK and set the JAVA_HOME Environment variables. If you’re unsure, check out the steps on installing the Java SDK before continuing.

Download and Install Eclipse

  1. Open up a web browser and go to
  2. Scroll down the list of packages until you find the one labeled: Eclipse for PHP Developers
  3. Click the link for your corresponding Windows 32bit or 64bit version.
  4. Click download, and save the zip file to your local downloads folder.
  5. When the file has finished downloading, open up windows explorer and go to your downloads folder.
  6. Right click on the zip file and select Extract All. Go ahead and choose the downloads folder as your destination. The windows unzip tool can be slow and clumsy and doesn’t always open files correctly. I suggest installing 7zip instead for your zip/unzip needs.
  7. Create a new folder called c:\programming\ and copy the extracted eclipse folder into this directory. Usually, programs should be installed to the “Program Files” folder, but when developing applications things tend to get messy when there is a space in the folder name. So to avoid this, we put all our development tools and applications into a programming folder of the root.
  8. Go to the c:\eclipse folder and double click the eclipse.exe file. If you get a pop-up message indicating that there is no Java Runtime Environment, then you will need to follow these steps to install the Java Developer Kit.

Setup workspace

  1. When Eclipse opens, it will ask you to select your workspace. Click “Browse” to select a new folder.
  2. Navigate to c:\programming\eclipse. Click “Make New Folder” and call it workspace. Select this folder. Your new workspace path should be C:\programming\eclipse\workspace
  3. Eclipse may take a moment to load the first time. Once it opens go up to the menu bar and select “Help” > “Check for updates” This will check and prompt you to install and updates that may exist.

Further Reading

Consider checking out the following resources to learn more about Eclipse.

Eclipse Home Page:

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