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Amazon IAM – Securing Your Cloud

We probably should have started our AWS tour with the Identity and Access Management service (IAM).  This stop on our tour is one of the most pervasive of the AWS services.  It is also one of the most important. Security First Once you have spent any time in the AWS environment, the focus on security becomes apparent.  Likewise, you have run into IAM at some point if you have used any of the services we have covered in the past.  Amazon has made sure that security is a consideration with all of their services.  However, they also make administration of it fairly easy.  This ease of management is where IAM comes in. Groups and Users Across Your Cloud The IAM approach... Read more

Laptop and tools search console

Tech Tools Bring Value and are Worth Keeping Up To Date

One of the valuable parts of our weekly mentor classes is the nugget of the week.  This recurring agenda item is where every attendee mentions tech tools of some sort.  Each mention is typically a mini-presentation of a few minutes in length and provides a simple overview of a tool.  The first few times we did this it was easy.  Everyone talked about tools they had used for months or years.  However, that list soon ran out. Finding New Tech Tools Once our “go to” list of tech tools was exhausted we had to research new ones.  This is an easy task when you use modern technology like search engines.  The providers of tools want to be found.  Thus, a... Read more

getting things done

Getting Things Done And Avoiding Busywork

We take a slight pause in the Creating a Software Solution series to look at productivity.  One of the key attributes of a good developer and team is the ability to accomplish goals.  Yes, this is obvious, but getting things done is not.  In this class and discussion we look at how to move things from your in box to the out box. Getting Things Done Instead of Working Hard We cover being busy instead of being productive.  Along the way we look at some tools and provide tips for your professional and personal productivity challenges.  This class can apply to anyone. However, we want to emphasize productivity as a step to take before moving to implementation of your software... Read more


Amazon Pinpoint Targeted Marketing Made Easy

Amazon provides a broad range of tools, but Pinpoint drifts more into marketing than their standard developer tool. Pinpoint is About Applications The first thing you should know is that this service aims at communicating with your app users.  As a side effect, it tracks usage.  This service integrates with several other application related services we have not yet covered.  These include the Mobile Hub, Device farm, Cognito, and others. Pinpoint provides an API and related services to generate analytics for your application users.  Then you can feed that data into the messaging service to communicate with your users.  The message is sent based on usage.  Thus, it has an improved chance of being read.  Think of it as a form... Read more


Providing Greater Value to Your Customer or Employer

We are employed to provide value to our employer.  That is the bottom line of any employment contract.  Thus, when you offer greater value to them, you are more likely to continue employment and advance in your career.  There are many ways to provide higher value so let’s look at some of the “low hanging fruit” steps we can take. Business Knowledge Provides Greater Value This is a fundamental part of any job and any role.  The more you understand the business you are in and how you bring value, the more you will be able to see opportunities to contribute more.  This knowledge is where you can provide process improvements and reduce waste.  Your regular tasks should all be... Read more