Object-Oriented Design – Planning Your Implementation

Although we have not picked an implementation language or platform, an object-oriented design is useful.  This approach is easier to maintain and understand when done right.  This episode focuses on OOD principles and how to model a system using this method. Back To Basics The first step in this episode is to cover some object-oriented design basics.  We look at what makes a good design as well as some things to avoid.  The steps to take in building a model are then reviewed to help us get to a solid foundation. Considerations of Good Object-Oriented Design Our next steps are to build our design and determine our objects.  We use some of the same guidelines that were used to design... Read more


Anti-patterns and How Not To Build Software

We recently discussed patterns in software design in a mentoring session.  The idea of anti-patterns was brought up.  However, we skipped addressing them at the time.  What not to do is an excellent area to consider though so let’s take a look at a definition and then some typical software anti-patterns. Anti-Patterns Defined First, it is important to note that anti-patterns are not solely a software concern.  There are famous anti-patterns that arose in non-technical situations.  For example, there is the cart before the horse anti-pattern.  Some other common ones are micromanagement, groupthink, and the peter principle.  These may not have been called anti-patterns before software patterns were defined, but they pre-existed the term. Common Software Anti-patterns Let’s look closer... Read more

WordPress Advances

Recent WordPress Advances and New Features

If you have checked out your WordPress admin console you have noticed some new features.  They have been steadily providing new versions and some new features along the way.  These may be highly useful to you so they are worth a look. New Widgets The big changes are found in three new widgets.  In version 4.8 they added the image, video, and audio widgets.  These are not monumental in what they provide, but they do provide an avenue that can eliminate the need for plugins or custom code. The image widget provides the familiar drag-and-drop approach for adding an image to the WordPress sidebar.  This also provides a post type of image.  These post types allow you to quickly drop a number... Read more


Gamelift – Amazon’s answer For Gaming in the Cloud

Game servers have a particular sort of challenge.  They tend to swing from high usage to idle periods.  This makes for both an excellent system in the cloud while also requiring a lot of configuration.  Never fear, Amazon has an answer with their easy to use GameLift service. Stick To What You Know Game developers have a particular set of skills for building software.  These skills are watered down if time is required to develop and configure their deployment infrastructure.  This conundrum is much like the one faced by any solution deployed to the cloud.  GameLift provides a quick start to a cloud environment tuned for performance and security. Wide Support There are some frameworks, libraries, and tools for game development.  While... Read more