An interview of a  self-publishing expert is not complete without a discussion of “publish wide.”  That refers to the many platforms available to publish your book.  It includes traditional print books, audiobooks, and e-books.  Therefore, the conversation with Dale L. Roberts continues to look at how we can grow to reach people.  We learn it does not matter how they prefer to consume their content.

Publish Wide = Many Platforms

Dale lays out several platforms, including the elephant in the room (Amazon KDP). In comparison, each of these has its strengths and weaknesses.  It is worthwhile to pursue them all.  The key is to start with one and get comfortable with it.  Do not try to be everything to everyone in your audience out of the gate.  Your bonus recommendation is to take a close look at Kobo.  Dale rates it highest for UI and experience.

The World Has Changed

Self-publishing has always been around.  However, modern tools and platforms make it easier than ever to do so.  Likewise, self-publishing is truly a viable option.  It is often your best approach for an e-book.  Do not underestimate the various ways to deliver your content.  We can now reach an audience through e-books, audio, traditional, and so much more.  You put a lot of time and effort into that book.  Make sure you give it the broadest possible reach to wherever your audience members reside.

A Little Background

Dale L. Roberts is a self-publishing advocate, award-winning author, and video content creator. Dale’s inherent passion for life fuels his self-publishing advocacy both in print and online. After publishing over 40 titles and becoming an international bestselling author on Amazon.  Then, Dale started his YouTube channel, Self-Publishing, with Dale. Feedspot voted it among the Top 50 YouTube channels about self-publishing. Thus, Dale cemented his position as the indie-author community’s go-to authority.

Contacting Dale

There are many ways to contact Dale.  However, these are the best ways to reach out or learn more about the various ways he can help.

Publishing Links

We mentioned a few sites for self-publishing.  Here are those links.


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