We wrap up the interview with Dale L. Roberts sharing his professional publishing secret.  He tells us to get started and be consistent.  However, he shows us that a love of our work is always key to success.  We need the drive to be successful, and the more we love our work, the more that comes naturally to us.

Professional Publishing Secret – Burn The Boats

Hunger is an excellent motivator for almost everyone. Unfortunately, that does not always lead to us doing the best things we should.  However, we need the motivation to keep us putting in those hours to work through the process.  There is a lot of work required for success in any form.  Thus, we need to embrace our goals.  We may decide there is no plan “B,” but there are other ways to set ourselves up for success as well.  Find out what is your best motivating factor.

No Overnight Success

I return to this point.  Instant success is a fantasy.  At some point, everyone has to put in the work.  Otherwise, success will always elude them.  We see this and accept it in our technology careers.  Likewise, we need to be aware that it is the case for any career.  That being said, when we love what we do, time will fly by.  Years of effort and work will feel like a blink of an eye.  That may not impress others.  Nevertheless, you will reap the rewards.

A Little Background

Dale L. Roberts is a self-publishing advocate, award-winning author, and video content creator. Dale’s inherent passion for life fuels his self-publishing advocacy both in print and online. After publishing over 40 titles and becoming an international bestselling author on Amazon.  Then, Dale started his YouTube channel, Self-Publishing, with Dale. Feedspot voted it among the Top 50 YouTube channels about self-publishing. Thus, Dale cemented his position as the indie-author community’s go-to authority.

Contacting Dale

There are many ways to contact Dale.  However, these are the best ways to reach out or learn more about the various ways he can help.

Publishing Links

We mentioned a few sites for self-publishing.  Here are those links.







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