We look at how commitment and consistency are critical factors in the eventual success of your product, service or brand. It is not uncommon for someone to start on a new endeavor only to bail out before they see any of it pay off. That is the same whether you are embarking on a new diet or a new business. There have been discussions on past episodes that highlight the kind of time and planning that must go into your side hustle and business launch to give them a chance of success.

Avoid Being A One Hit Wonder Through Commitment And Consistency

We can all think of a one hit wonder we have come across. However, our memory is often vague and fuzzy. We may not remember the artist, author, or other details. There is some catchy part of the experience that makes it a one hit wonder or fad and then it faded. That may be suitable for some people but a business needs to be more sustainable. We are not looking for one successful month or quarter and then let it die. That is the same for a product or a service. It is not enough to do one thing one time and then be done. We need to build a solution that has an on-going value and reliability.

Commit To Building A Reliable Track Record

Our customers want to see a track record and we provide that through regular delivery. A track record can not be built with a random delivery schedule or spotty history. No one wants to order a product where the delivery window requires us to take a whole day off of work and then worry we missed the one minute the delivery occurred.

Useful Interviews

We have had more than a few guests talk about the commitment and consistency needed for a blog, podcast, or other business launch. Here are some links to refresh your memory.

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Rob Broadhead

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