We return to one of our core topics and tips for starting a consulting business from scratch. This episode begins a discussion with designer Adrienne Johnston. Her primary focus is presentations. However, her story is a lesson in how to niche down as well as build momentum and a clientele for your business.

Key Steps To Starting A Consulting Business

Adrienne started her self-employment path by using Upwork.com. Her story of building from nothing is an excellent example of starting a consulting business. We walk through her first jobs and how she grew those into the thriving business that she has today. While her business is focused on skills and a niche you might not relate to, there is a lot to learn. As we talk about her steps from small jobs used to build a track record and references through to pricing changes, there are ideas for any business. There are many things we can do that mimic here approach, no matter what consulting business we are building.

About Adrienne

Adrienne Johnston is a presentation designer specializing in helping clients visualize their content in PowerPoint to land new clients, educate existing internal or external clients, or secure investment capital. Adrienne’s current clients include Meta, Microsoft, Samsung, and Marriott.

Additionally, Adrienne coaches other presentation designers on building their successful presentation design businesses.

Adrienne currently resides in Seattle, Washington, with her husband, daughter, and their two cats.

Learn More

Check out her site at:
Access all her free resources on growing and scaling your freelance business. Use these to meet your revenue and lifestyle goals.

Rob Broadhead

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