Our focus shifts to using offshore teams and resources as we start a new interview with Tanika De Souza of High Octane Teams. The first part of our discussion goes into how one can embrace offshoring. Then, we follow her journey into creating a company that specializes in that. We talk about some of the concerns, and she answers questions often asked about whether offshoring is good for you.

Using Offshore Teams and Resources – A Crash Course

Tanika takes us quickly through the pros and cons of using offshore teams and resources. Anyone considering (or that has considered) using these types of resources must go into it with a plan and understanding of your part in the partnership. She outlines a lot of great positives in these relationships while offering caution to ensure you get the most out of it. On the other hand, you can always reach out to her for expertise and guidance in building your remote team.

About Tanika

Tanika is the CEO of High Octane Teams (HOT) – She started her first business in 2009 and grew it to over 100 employees. HOT is an offshore staffing agency focused on systemizing your process to streamline growth. Her virtual staff is trained to create SOPs, systemize your business processes, and report KPIs for their department. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in hiring and managing teams.

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Use this link to book a free consultation. https://calendly.com/highoctaneteam/30min
You can also visit her website: “highoctane.team,” to learn more about her organization and offshore options.

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