In this presentation, we are going to be talking about using the WebDriver IO: Building Automation Scripts using Javascript. Now, this is not really going to be a slide-driven presentation. Instead, we are going to go through the website and talk about the different technologies, and things you can do with WebDriver. Then, we’re going to jump into a full hands-on example, building your first project, and looking at some of the different ways you can use WebDriver for testing.

In the past, I’ve talked about code test frameworks. Such as, topics about the different ways you can build your tests, and how you should test. Plus, we’ve talked about different things like unit testing, PHP testing, JUnit, every language, essentially own way of testing, and JavaScript’s, no different. So open up the link below and enjoy the presentation.

WebDriver IO: Building Automation Scripts in JS Overview:

  • What is WebDriver IO
  • How to build tests.
  • The different types of frameworks it supports
  • Reporting
  • Hands-on Demo

WebDriver IO: Building Automation Scripts in JS

Finally, this series comes from our mentoring/mastermind classes.  These classes are virtual meetings that focus on how to improve our technical skills and build our businesses.  After all the goals of each member vary.  However, this diversity makes for great discussions and a ton of educational value every time we meet.  We hope you enjoy viewing this series as much as we enjoy creating it.  As always, this may not be all new to you, but we hope it helps you be a better developer.

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