Welcome, if you are a tester or developer interested in automation testing or are new to test automation tools than you defiantly need to check out TestProject. However, if you are not familiar with this tool that’s OK. In Test Project A Review of Version 2.0 we cover all the new features in Test Project 2.0 as well as walk you through using the tool to setup your first test.

Test Project A Review of Version 2.0 Overview:

  • What is Test Project
  • What’s new in Version 2
  • Overview of the tool
  • Creating your first test case

What is Test Project?

TestProject is a community driven tool and has a free forever plan that is fully featured and that you can get started with in moments. In addition they have a lot of documentation that will help you with all the details you need to use TestProject to create effective test automation that your whole team can use.

What Makes Test Project Unique?

  • First of its kind community powered test automation framework.
  • Second its 100% free test automation development framework designed for agile teams!
  • Advanced built-in recording capabilities
  • AI-Powered self healing technology built in.
  • It seamlessly supports iFrames, Popups and Dynamic Elements. 
  • With built in Adaptive-wait technology it automatically handles deviations in web application loading times.
  • Also supports both hybrid cloud and completely offline modes
  • Has a CLI Agent.
  • Finally, it’s free forever for anyone to use.

Start with a new account:

Create a new account or connect to an existing google or microsoft account.

Install & Register

  1. First start by downloading the TestProject tool.
  2. Then, install the TestProject tool on your machine.
  3. Finally, make sure the tool is up and running.

Make sure your os security settings allow test agent to access your machine

Test Project A Review of Version 2.0

Additional Resources

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