Getting Started with Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog Setup

If you are looking for a tool to quickly evaluate your site, look no further than Screaming Frog.  Let’s get it setup and run it against our site.


  1. Go to the Screaming Frog website at
  2. Click on the download menu option
  3. It will detect your operating system and ask you to download it.
  4. Download the file and install it
  5. Once installed run the application

Analyzing Your Site

  1. Let’s run it against your site by entering the address in the Enter URL to spider field at the top center of the screen, click on Start
  2. Depending on your site size it might take a minute or two to run the tool, but when you are done you will have a lot of data about your site, and it will look something like this:Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.14.11 AM


Reviewing The Results

Although your results will be different from the example, we can still go over some areas to review for issues with your site

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