JShell a Java 9 Interactive Demo, continues our discussion from  JavaOne 2017. In this lesson, we will be going in-depth on one of the newest tools in Java 9.  This tool has the potential to become a very useful training tool for those just getting started. It can also be useful for quickly prototyping, or debugging a potential coding problem or just trying to figure out a new API.

While the tool is not meant to be a replacement for modern day IDE’s, it is definitely an improvement on the classic text edit, compile run approach for trying out new code.  Instead of using a text editor you can just type a piece of code into JShell and it is immediately available to run.  That is of course that your code compiles. If it doesn’t don’t worry. JShell also has a complete debugger and verbose messaging to make troubleshooting a snap. So what are you waiting for?  Come check out our interactive demo on JShell.

Here is a list of the JShell features we will be covering

  • Introduction to JShell
  • Snippets
  • Commands
  • Editing
  • External Code
  • Feedback Modes
  • Scripts

Check out our interactive demo

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