One of the recurring themes from our discussions is a need to plan to get things done. We do not become successful by accident. Instead, we need to have a plan and find ways to execute that plan regularly. Often, that means daily progress and attention to our goals. When we keep our objectives in our focus we will advance towards them. On the other hand, a lack of focus often makes it almost impossible to get things done.

A Plan To Get Things Done Adds Accountability

We can set goals all day and still fall short. Our plan to get things done has more weight when we add accountability. It is one thing to make a nice list of things to do and another thing to refer back to that list and mark progress. It is that follow-through that often separates good planners from those who feel it is a waste of time.

A Plan And A Roadmap

A successful journey often has tactical and strategic pieces to the solution. Likewise, we need to plan to get things done at a tactical level through daily tasks. However, we also need to keep the big picture in mind and have a roadmap with milestones to guide us. That combination of the general and specific combine to give us the best way to measure success and keep us driving toward it.

Useful Interviews

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