In this special topic episode, we examine how consistency and momentum are foundational attributes for success. Neither of these items is listed at the top of the keys to success. However, we see them pop up time and again in examples and processes to march towards success. Therefore, it is worth exploring how we can get them in place for our project, brand, or company.

A One-Two Punch Of Consistency And Momentum

Expectations are an essential part of any relationship. We have discussed in the past how that can build trust and lead to a lifelong customer. Consistency and momentum work together to get us there. Those early steps in a consistent manner have a momentum that helps us build habits and other critical processes. The things that seem big and insurmountable early on become second nature as momentum builds, and they become a part of the daily routine.

One Step At A Time

It all comes down to one step at a time. We can not magically jump to the end and have a big success with the stability that comes from building over time. That is why we so often see a flash-in-the-pan success that comes out of nowhere but then is quickly lost in history. They did not build the momentum and strength that comes from consistent work over time. Fortunately, each step gets easier as we build momentum towards our goals.

Useful Interviews

We have had more than a few guests talk about these key factors of success. They apply for a blog, podcast, or other business launch. Here are some links to refresh your memory.

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Rob Broadhead

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