This year JavaOne 2017 was full of exciting news about Java and the community. Before we get to our video highlighting day one lets quickly go over some of the major announcements from Oracle on Java.

The Time Has Come for All Things Open-Source

Everything is in the process of becoming open-source if it is not already (at the time of writing this). That’s right Java 9 stack is now completely open source and in the hands of the OpenJDK initiative. What this means is that all future builds from Oracle will be identical to the OpenJDK binaries. So, now OpenJDK is the steward for the core JDK/JRE. In other news, Oracle also announced that J2EE is being open-source and moving over to the Eclipse Foundation as well as NetBeans moving over to Apache. However, this initiative did not just stop with Oracle. Other companies like IBM, Red Hat and others have begun putting all their source code into Github and making it available to the community.

A Word of Caution

While the move to Open-Source has been long overdue, this sudden change has left us with a few unanswered questions. For instance, is Oracle still going to be the leader in setting the language standards? Or is this going to be in the community’s hands? The reason I bring this up is that companies like IBM have also open sourced their versions of their Java JDK that differ from the Open JDK. So, things may veer toward a wild, wild west like vibe for a while as all the big players and little one’s wade through these waters. So be careful which open source initiative you jump on. Some of these JDKs and Libraries may not be around for long, and you do not want to get stuck with a solution that can’t move forward.

Here Is Our Break Down Of Day One at JavaOne 2017

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